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Case Study
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Case Study

We have all seen before and after photos of people who have lost a significant amount of weight or had a complete makeover - how good they look and the attention they not only received from friends and family, but complete strangers. Why should a marketing makeover not produce the same results? When you rebrand your business or enhance specific marketing pieces like your website, you give your company a more polished, professional and memorable look. Your competition, clients and prospects are bound to notice, making them think:

  • The competitor - "WOW I better step up my marketing!"
  • The client - "WOW I always knew they were a professional team now they look like one!"
  • The prospect - "WOW I should call them and make an appointment today!"

It's about coupling compelling design with ease of functionality to create a dynamic user experience with your marketing.


Minefinder Gold in North Phoenix wanted to increase their mining claim sales, and knew that they needed a fresh design to help capture their audience's attention. Steve and his team learned over time, a user's experience with their website often leads to the success or missed sale.

Xfactor was contracted to redesign the website with a western, wanted poster design style that would highlight the expertise of the Minefinder team and promote claim sales.

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