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Bringing your idea to life is our passion. We strive to create the ideal character that will capture your audience's attention and create a memorable, long-lasting impression.

Custom Website Design
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Custom Character & Book Illustrations

Are you looking to create a character from a photograph? Or perhaps, you're writing a children's book and want to bring your characters to life. We help you bring your dreams to fruition, creating characters that encompass the essence of your story. We design book covers, main character logo illustrations, page layout and design, plus we'll work with your printer to make sure the pages are formatted and sized properly for your publication.


City On The Sea
Shark and character illustration for a children's book
Penny & Tubs
Primary characters for a children's book and music series
Pet Resort
Custom illustration based on a photograph of the client's pet
HVAC Stuffed Animal
3D prototype for a promotional item, built to manufacturer's specifications
Penny & Tubs: Book 1
Illustrations for The Adventures of Penny and Tubs series
Company mascot
Improve your marketing strategy with a lovable character