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We have a team that specializes in creating dynamic, high functioning PHP websites with MySQL databases.

Advanced Programming
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Advanced Programming

Do you want your content to dynamically populate when specific users view your site or do you want to create an internal web-based program to manage your company's workflow or maybe you want to create a custom content management system for your website or perhaps you want to process form fields in real time without having to reload the page? With PHP and JavaScript the possibilities are endless!

PHP programming allows the code to be processed on the web server before it is sent to the user's computer, allowing for the highest level of security. The web server is able to validate who the user is and what content they should be shown based on their login or cookie for a specific website. For example, on PetCliques.com there are two types of users - service providers and those looking for services. Based on the membership level, the user has access to specific pages of the site and various content. Only the admin can see every page of content on the website.

How do you manage workflow in your business? A couple of years ago, a client came to us and they were frustrated with their manual workflow process... paper, pen and Excel were the tools that they used to manage numerous projects and employees. To eliminate the frustration, we recommended that they convert the manual process to a web-based application, allowing their staff to update the projects status online, make notes via their mobile devices or computers, and assign tasks to other users. Each entry is tracked from the user's unique login and reminders can be set to help eliminate confusion. Could your business benefit from having an online management program? Why not design a custom PHP program that fits your specific needs to increases your company's productivity.

JavaScript enables us to create interactive features like drawing boards, it makes form validation more accurate, creates the rollover effect on navigation, and when used with AJAX we can create web-based applications. Also, with HTML5 it plays an even bigger role in the web programming community with Canvas elements - dynamic, 2D scriptable shape rendering. JavaScript is used to accomplish both simple and complex tasks on the internet; it allows you to customize the end user's experience. What kind of experience do you want to give your website viewer? Personally, we think knocking their socks off is the way to go!


Pet Cliques
Features: User management, restricted page access based on subscription level, payment collection and tracking, dynamic content
Modern Day Invite
Features: User management, interactive invitation builder, payment collection, dynamic maps, web-based RSVP and guest tracking
N Gateway chamber
Features: User management, dynamic content, facebook plug-in on member profiles, dynamic mapping from Google, custom blog


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