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A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to a company's product or service including an explicit logo, fonts, color palette, symbols, jingles, ideas, and even personality.

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Branding & Identity

Do you know what branding and identity are? Maybe not by those specific names, but you experience branding every day. Each time you drive past a McDonald's what do you see - their golden arches, red and yellow colors. How about when you go to the grocery store, I bet you know which can is Coca-Cola before you can visibly read it. All of these elements are part of the overall company brand and identity - the symbols that connect the information about the company to consumers.

As a small to medium sized business owner, what one element of identity is a must have? A logo is the most important piece of the branding process. A logo leads every piece of marketing material, so it has to effectively communicate with consumers and be memorable. For example, if you have a whimsical logo then most of your marketing pieces will be light, airy and fun - great for a parenting show or a sassy boutique; on the other hand, if you have a medical practice you'll want a logo that is friendly and professional with a strong visual presence.

Creating a brand and identity is very exciting, almost as wonderful as the day you first realized you wanted to plunge into the entrepreneurial world. For some the marketing process can be overwhelming causing new business owners to opt-out of developing a cohesive brand and identity for their marketing strategy, so they let whomever is willing to help them create an ad for promotion to lead the charge. What happens in situations like this when each print publication or online advertising site creates the artwork? It’s simple, the company’s brand is missing the cohesive look, and so what you end up with is a patch work of marketing materials.

Why do you need a cohesive brand?

Think about the time you put into coming up with your business concept; the hours you spent researching competitors and talking with family, friends and business associates about your plans. You spent countless hours (sometimes years) making sure your business plan was going to work, right? So why would your brand be any different; your branding and identity are how you are presenting your business to the masses. It's just as important to have a good cohesive marketing plan set with a professional logo, website, and print material (i.e. business cards, ads, brochures, flyers). You’ve spent a massive amount of time creating your business model; let us help you create a cohesive brand.


North Valley Family Dentistry
Logo re-design, business cards, appointment cards, ads, folders, website design, in-office promotions
Roberto's Authentic Mexican Food
Website design, menu layout, gift certificates, flyers, ads, tabletop displays, vector art, salsa labels
Saratoga Trading Company
Re-built logo, custom ecommerce website, product promotions, flyers, postcards, business cards


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