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For clients that want to maintain their own website or have a blog, a CMS (content management system) may be the right solution for you.

WordPress Websites
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Custom WordPress Themes

Do you want the ability to update your own website content or blog through an easy to use website interface? If so, then WordPress may be a great option for you.

WordPress is an open source, community maintained program that is customized to give you a website that you can maintain on your own – a content management system (CMS). WordPress has many positive qualities including the basic source code is free, designs can be highly customized, plug-ins are continuously being developed for it, it's up-to-date with website standards, and the best part – it’s search engine friendly. The negatives of WordPress are pretty simple, if you don't have at least some basic technical knowledge and understanding of HTML code or CSS, you may need to employ the assistance of a web professional to help update plug-ins and changes to the theme. But don’t worry, we can help!

We have built a multitude of WordPress websites, many you would have a hard time identifying as WordPress because the them designs have been greatly customized to be cohesive with our client’s brands. As WordPress has gained popularity and momentum, we have team members dedicated to designing custom WordPress themes to suite your company’s branding requirements. We can also provide training and on-going support. For those small business owners who are busy focusing on their business, we can maintain the technical side of the WordPress site while you maintain the messaging... or if you just want WordPress because you may someday want to write a blog, but really don’t want to have to worry about the day-to-day changes, we can maintain the entire site for you. It’s your choice; we can be involved as much or as little as you want.

Convert Your HTML, Joomla or Muse Site to WordPress

If you already have a website design you like, but you’re struggling with the management because the technical back-end isn’t user friendly, no need to worry because we’ve successfully migrated many websites to WordPress.  When you transition your website to WordPress, it’s amazing the different in the usability of the administrative interface compared to other platforms. Making simple content and in body photo additions should be simple, and with WordPress you won’t need a degree in Computer Science to add your messaging. Remember, we can help you with the technical part of the site or teach you how to do it.


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