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Where to start, there are so many social media options from videos to professional connection websites to business fan pages. We can help you identify which sites your target audience is using, so you can tailor your marketing efforts.

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Everywhere you turn you see facebook icons, twitter birds and hashtags, they are on television commercials, billboards, print advertisements and even on this very websites, but the important question is "Are they part of your marketing?".

Over the last few years social media has taken doing business to a new level, it allows us to continuously stay connected with our prospects, clients and business associates. Navigating the social media world for your business can be difficult, we provide training on how to use the various platforms, plus we can maintain your accounts for you - giving you a social presence without the work.

Business owners often wonder, “How do I track my ROI on social media?” and the truth is, social media is one piece to the complete marketing strategy. Social media helps you stay connected and offers your customers a direct line of communication; it’s a customer care platform. Yes, you can generate new business leads from social media, it’s a tool prospect use to measure your business and select you as their provider.

Does social media increase my search engine placement?

Yes, search engines index many social media sites and the off-site stories we share through our social media pages help drive search engine spiders to the sites we are linking too. In other words, if you read an article online and you “Like” the post, the website you read the article on posts the article to your wall. If you wall or posts are public, then Google many read the post and go search out the link and index the article.

Facebook has nearly a billion users, chances are you’re one of them or are familiar with it, but what about the other social media platforms? How do you decide which ones to utilize for your business?

  • Facebook can be an ideal site for connecting with prospects and clients because you can share photos of your latest projects, followers can write recommendations, and the page admins can directly interact with all the followers as they ask questions or make comments.

    Facebook has two types of pages - business pages and personal pages; how you tell them apart is straightforward: business pages you "like" and personal page you "add as friend". It’s important to keep your business and personal facebook pages separate; it makes users more likely to LIKE your page if they aren’t exposing all their personal information to a stranger. As facebook's popularity has grown, many programmers have designed plug-ins for business pages, allowing page admins to customize tabs, add promotions, and integrate their YouTube channel, twitter feed and blog feed into the page, creating a richer end user experience.
  • Twitter is a great platform for sharing and communicating with your audience in 140 characters or less. If you're using twitter to promote your business make sure you share valuable information, avoid too much self-promotion; sharing information that's not yours helps you create credibility with your followers. Remember you’re the subject matter expert, stick to what you know and share your thoughts. The key to twitter is be involved, follow good people, retweet relevant posts, always respond to questions, and engage in popular topic by using the hashtag (i.e. #marketing) to connect with others on a specific topic.
  • Pinterest, how we love you! This picture sharing pin board is proof that we are a photo driven society when it comes to beautiful things like decorating, food, gardening, health, events, nature, travel and design. Pinterest doesn’t have the same interaction as other social media sites, it’s more about the individual and what they like, instead of being linked to someone and seeing all their posts and insights regardless of whether you want to hear from them on that topic. For examples, on Pinterest you are automatically linked with people with similar interests, but if you decide you do not want to follow one of their boards, but you like all their other boards you can unfollow that specific board, taking it out of your photo fed.

    Using Pinterest for your business can enhance your social media footprint, if the individuals in your target audience are pinning.
  • LinkedIn is a professional networking website and it's a great social media source for those businesses that want a social presence, but have very little time to maintain one. With LinkedIn, it's easy to create a personal page about your professional self, and then create a corresponding company page for your business. Your professional self-page is basically an online resume that connects you will former co-workers and managers, business partners and associates, and prospects you've interacted with. Our favorite part about LinkedIn is the recommendation feature; it's fantastic the glowing reviews people will write for you and your business.
  • YouTube, the video hosting site, is rumored to have become the most enjoyable social media source, who doesn't want to watch a silly clip of one year old twin boys having a deep conversation, but how can it help your business? Its simple consumers love videos, they seem to understand the information better when they are able to see how to do something instead of just following verbal or written instructions. YouTube houses a wealth of videos, but they are always looking for more and a video would be a good way to let your potential clients see exactly who they will be working with. Also, YouTube videos can be optimized for search engines.


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